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Welcome to Norwich New York!

To the residents of the City of Norwich:
We are in a time where uncertainty is the norm. Things are changing at a rapid pace - daily and sometimes hourly - and our City and County Emergency Management Teams lead by A. Jones and Matt Beckwith are providing regular communication and advice. A pandemic does not come with a playbook, and while plans exist, it's hard to exercise something that's never happened in our lifetime. That said, these teams are stepping up to the plate and responding. Their sound guidance is helping the City maintain essential functions and keep our employees and residents safe. They are working close with the County Health Department which leads public health emergencies, such as this one.

As a reminder, we have taken steps to limit people coming in and out of City Hall. Only essential employees have access to the building and we are managing a schedule to control exposure per the Governor's orders. Thank you to the team at City Hall for stepping up to help and remaining flexible as new requirements are communicated on a frequent basis. Our Norwich City Police Department and Norwich Fire Department are essential functions and remain staffed to provide services to the residents.

I'd like to ask all City residents to please adhere to all CDC guidance and the Governor's PAUSE directive. Please stay home unless you are an essential worker or going out to obtain essential items or personal exercise. When you do need to be in public places, ensure you maintain social distancing, keeping at least a six-foot distance from others. Otherwise, please stay home. The City has not imposed a curfew, however, the Norwich City Police Department will be requesting that people go home when they see them out in groups, in response to the PAUSE order from the Governor. Additionally, we are asking all City residents to try and keep off the public playgrounds.

Please be safe and take care of yourself and your families.
Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.
Sincerely, Mayor Shawn Sastri

Norwich-State-of-Emergency-Declaration-March-2020 (PDF)

City Hall Closed to the Public, click here for further information and directions


Governor Cuomo just announced he will be issuing an Executive Order, known as PAUSE:

  • Policies
  • Assure
  • Uniform
  • Safety
  • Everyone

Two rules:

  • Only essential businesses stay open (100% workforce reduction)
  • People must stay indoors

"Any essential business or entity providing essential services or functions shall not be subject to the in-person restrictions."
This includes:

  • essential health care operations including research and laboratory services;
  • essential infrastructure including utilities, telecommunication, airports and transportation infrastructure;
  • essential manufacturing, including food processing and pharmaceuticals;
  • essential retail including grocery stores and pharmacies;
  • essential services including trash collection, mail, and shipping services; news media;
  • banks and related financial institutions;
  • providers of basic necessities to economically disadvantaged populations;
  • construction;
  • vendors of essential services necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation and essential operations of residences or other essential businesses;
  • vendors that provide essential services or products, including logistics and technology support, child care and services needed to ensure the continuing operation of government agencies and provide for the health, safety and welfare of the public."

There will be civil fines for employers who break the order, Cuomo says. This will take effect on Sunday evening.

Government remains at 50% staffing.
For further information: Governor's web page at
City of Norwich web page at (you are currently here)
Chenango County COVID-19 web page at
Information for Chenango County Office building -

PLEASE, if you have people in your life that do not have the ability to get updates electronically, pass reliable information on to them.

The wonders of Norwich have been attracting people since before it even had a name and it hasn't slowed down since. People are often amazed at how much diversity you can find in the two square miles that make up the City of Norwich! It has long been the destination for agribusiness, museums, shopping, dining, manufacturing, and simply relaxing. It's filled with contrasts: old and new, country charm and modern sophistication.

Take a stroll and you're likely to see one of several houses of worship, a craft or art gallery, assorted restaurants, and many clothing and gift shops. For visitors, there are motels and B&Bs to offer comfortable lodging while visiting relatives, catching a performance at the Chenango Arts Council or seeing a movie at the Colonia Theatre, enjoying the County Fair, the Antiques Fair, or just out for a drive to see the colorful autumn leaves. For those who enjoy history, there's the Museum District, home to the Bullthistle Model Railroad Society Museum, the Northeast Classic Car Museum and the Chenango County Historical Museum. And don't miss seeing the real gateman's tower (1907) which was used as the logo for the City; the old train station that is City Hall; the Norwich Fire Department with their 1895 LaFrance steam fire truck in a glass room on the side of the building, and the big fireman's bell outside.

There's so much to see and do, you'll love your visit to Norwich, New York!

Live Weather and Emergency Information from the City of Norwich/Chenango County Joint Emergency Operations Center