Directory of Offices for the
City of Norwich, New York

Local government in the City of Norwich is easily accessible. From the Office of the Mayor to the City Tax Collector, the doors are always open.

In many communities the government remains isolated from the citizens it serves. In Norwich, city leaders are a vital part of our community. They live and work among us. They know our concerns, for they are their concerns too. The pages linked to the left will provide you with names and contact numbers for our various offices. All offices may also be reached by e-mail at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What County is Norwich in?
    A. Chenango County
  • Q. Which holidays will City Hall be closed?
    A. City Hall will be closed on the following days: click here. (PDF) Closures will also be listed on the calendar
  • Q. My street has not been plowed, to whom do I speak?
    A. Please contact the Highway division of the DPW at 607-334-1243
  • Q. What cable options are available in Norwich?
    A. Currently Spectrum is the only cable company available to Norwich residents. However, Frontier offers Dish Network Satellite TV as does DirectTV.
  • Q. Where can I find information about Cable Access Television?
    A. Contact Spectrum.
  • Q. How can I change my water & sewer bill to my name?
    A. Please click here for information on how to change the billing name on your bills.
  • Q. How do I obtain trash pickup in Norwich?
    A. Please refer to the Norwich phone book for listings of refuse pickup services.
  • Q. How do I find out whether a house is in a flood zone?
    A. Call the Code Enforcement at 607-334-1233. You can also review the flood maps at FEMA at this link:
  • Q. I want to add on to my house. How do I find out about building setbacks and other requirements?
    A. Call the Code Enforcement Office at 607-334-1233
  • Q. How do I find out about proposed zoning changes in my area or what my property is zoned as?
    A. Call Code Enforcement at 607-334-1233
  • Q. How do I know if I need to register my property with the City of Norwich?
    A. You may review the City of Norwich Minimum Standards for Housing on the Code Enforcement Webpage, or you may call 607-334-1233
  • Q. How do I learn about Code Enforcement issues outside of the City of Norwich?
    A. Please contact your local town or village clerk, or the Chenango County Codes Officer at 607-337-1797.
  • Q. What do you charge for dog licenses?
    A. Please see the page for dog licenses under Departments/City Clerk.
  • Q. How do I get a marriage license?
    A. Please see the page for wedding licenses under Departments/City Clerk.
  • Q. Is the City of Norwich the same as the Town of Norwich?
    A. No. They are separate municipalities with separate governments. If you live outside the boundaries of the City of Norwich, please contact the Town of Norwich at 607-337-2301.