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One City Plaza, Norwich, NY 13815
phone: (607)334-1230 fax: (607)334-1208

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Chiefs Office

Fire Chief - Tracy Chawgo
1st Assistant Chief - Jan Papelino
2nd Assistant Chief - Patrick Ford
3rd Assistant Chief - Brett Rice


Volunteer Companies

Alert Hose Company - Line Officers

  • Captain: Cary McConnell
  • 1st Lieutenant- James Brady
  • 2nd Lieutenant- Evan Prindle

Maydole Hose Company - Line Officers

  • Captain- Chris Coombs
  • 1st Lieutenant- A Jones
  • 2nd Lieutenant- David Viele

Ontario Hose Company -

  • Captain- James Fowlston
  • 1st Lieutenant Tim Shepard
  • 2nd Lieutenant James Fowlston Jr.

George Rider Hook & Ladder Co. - Line Officers

  • Captain- Kevin Ray
  • 1st Lieutenant- Jeremy McKenna
  • 2nd Lieutenant- Robert Boellman

Norwich Volunteer Firemans Association

President - James Fowlston
Vice President - Brenda Burlingame
Treasurer - James Wright
Secretary - Jim Williams

Fire Police - Line Officers

  • Captain Roger Fowlston
  • Lieutenant Tim Shepard
  • Lieutenant Deb Smith

First Responder Unit

  • Captain: A Jones


  • President: June Fowlston

Chaplain: Dennis McKenna

Norwich City Administrative Offices are located at One City Plaza, Norwich, NY 13815
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